Just when you thought it was safe….

Those “good ol’ boys” over the other side of the pond (the Yanks), have just slipped in a couple of laws allowing the sharing of all that raw data the NSA and Co. have been holding on people to the whole of the US Government and Law enforcement Agencies according to the New York Times.  The most worrying aspect of this is they have a) done it very quietly and b) even the ‘local cops’ now have access to all the data without a warrant.

Now, the thing is, us Brit’s get what I’m sure is a very warped view of the Americans…. thanks to all those TV programmes and movies they export to us.

On the one hand there is the highly efficient über secret state which has its eye’s and ears on everyone, has black helicopters, and all the latest surveillance to hand at a push of a button and generally makes the Stasi and KGB look like beginners when it comes to spying on their own people and the rest of the world.

On the other hand there is the picture of the local Sheriff department run by a bunch of inbred rednecks and who wouldn’t know what a computer was, even if you dropped it on their mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses, and think the height of law enforcement is a radar speed trap, the 357 Smith and Wesson Magnum and a souped up Dodge Charger patrol car!

Now, it was one thing when the Feds had access to all that collected data that they put in the so-called “Fusion Centers”.  There was at the least a sense of anonymity in numbers and the huge amount of data collected.  ”Why would they be interested in me”, meant the odds of them watching your every move if you’re not doing something wrong were going to be somewhat slim.

But, now the FISA court have given just about everyone access right down to the local police access to this data at anytime and without the need for a warrant, I just wouldn’t want to live in some small town in the USA.  Just think of the abuse of power the local Police could reign.  All those late night naughty chat’s on the internet that they recorded, those phone records, internet history – everything now accessible by that local cop who was ticked off for whatever reason…..  Just beat the cop to the last doughnut in the shop, just wait and they will have the last laugh, looking at that 4 year risqué old selfie you sent to your other half, and then pinning it up in the squad room.  Just moving into the area, and they will be checking your movements out and what you have been up to for the last 5 years in detail…. What about that ‘Spring Break’ video on your computer that you emailed a copy to your friends…?

Well, it seems some folks the other side of the Pond still want to ‘put up a fight’ over the spying and here they go….. from the “Fight for the Future” folks…..

Governments have abused the Internet and twisted into something it was never intended to be. They’ve stolen our most private moments, and with them our most basic freedoms to communicate and be ourselves.


We can’t afford to wait while politicians debate. We have the power to fight mass surveillance right now. Are you in? Click here to help Reset the Net.


Everyone has been waiting for some resounding action that meets the problem of government spying head on. This is our moment to rally and realize our power. We don’t need anyone’s permission, but we need everyone’s participation. If you’re a developer, designer, or cryptographer and want to help, please reply to this email and get in touch.

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