European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR)

Back in December 2013 a new system EUROSUR went active.  It’s aims were to “ equip the EU and its with better tools to prevent crimes, such as or trafficking in drugs, while at the same time detect and provide assistance to small migrant boats in distress, in full compliance with European and international obligations, including the principle of non-refoulement.

Now you might think that with the attacks within by ISIS and others, any system which helps cut down cross border crime and the knock on effect of helping to reduce terrorist activity, by monitoring would be a good thing.

As part of Europe the EU border agency Frontex’s role is detecting small vessels by closely cooperating with other EU agencies, such as the and the EU Satellite Centre, tracking routes or new methods used by criminal networks and analysing this data to provide a European wide picture to co-ordinate joint operations and sharing this data between member states.  With 40 countries in all signed up for the system one has to ask why the UK didn’t sign up for being part of the system?  OK. post Brexit one might say it wasn’t a top priority, but really!  This was ongoing way before Brexit reared it’s ugly little head.