Trump the Devil incarnate or just actually human and not a political flunky

Say what you want about , but it could be that he is the first political figure in a long, long time who actually plans to follow through with his election promises and didn’t just say what was expected to get elected.

For years political figures have been just that, people who say what the people want to hear to get themselves elected, then follow the party line and do basically what they want for the next term in office regardless of what policies they promised during the election.

He promised to put Americans first, now some people say that’s racist and xenophobic… But, it is unreasonable to put one’s own countrymen first? In the UK, we spend millions on foreign aid, and what does the average man/woman on the street in the UK see for all this money spent? We do have a failing health system, we have an aging population with a lack of care and support, we do not have 100% employment and even those who are employed some have zero hour contracts and don’t earn a living wage. We have homeless, we have people living in terrible conditions both below the and then thousands more on the . The poor seem to be getting poorer and the gap to the rich is widening.

In the UK we used to have a fairly clear cut system of politics. Tories were there to represent the rich, the upper classes, the captains of industry – they had the money. Labour were there to represent the lower – working classes and the working family values, they came from the Unions the shop stewards. Then you had liberals – these tended to be the philanthropists, those who sort the middle ground – the well-meaning, the middle of the road, they tended to be well off, but were seen more as humanitarian than putting themselves first. However, these days just try finding a poor working class labour politician. Most are far from poor, many have never worked outside politics – for example is estimated to be worth over £30 million, so much for a man of the people. It’s hard for someone who is being told by ‘I feel your pain’ when the people have next to nothing, no home of their own and no chance of getting one, and the are multi-millionaires with the tax payers paying their expenses and funding their extra homes in London. There is still the on-going issue with MPs and expenses. Last year the standards commissioner has admitted that even now some MPs are wilfully breaking rules in the House of Commons because they “do not agree with them”, and two-thirds of MPs who promised to give their 2015, pay rise of 10 per cent away to charity have not done that, a survey has found.

So, getting back to Trump, he was as they say “you got is what you saw on the packet”, I’m not debating or defending his policies, but it does go to show that the masses have now had enough of the ‘staged’ politicians of yesteryear. I remember the days of ; 40th President of the United States who appeared to be ‘acting’ from script ½ the time and just adlibbing the rest, in a ‘B’ movie doing what he was told. In fact I also remember the old ‘Spitting Image’ series where the standing joke was the president’s brain was missing… In contrast, Trump has set out down the road of ‘protecting’ the American boarders, much to the disgust of lawyers, and following up on what we said he wanted to do.

Now, anyone following the ‘problems’ in Europe over the last few years, might remember the migrants who ‘abused local women’ and promised to ‘breed out’ any of non-Muslim faith, might be wanting to agree with Trump’s policy of blocking visas from some countries. The issue seems to be a valid security issue. If someone has left home with no papers either deliberately, or otherwise and then cannot then prove who they are, and if they are a genuine refugee or a ISIS extremist is it wise to just let them in? Remember as well that ISIS and others indoctrinate kids from a very young age, you may well of seen news footage of child ‘freedom fighters’ carrying AK47s and also being used as suicide bombers. Giving a ‘free pass’ into the country just because they are under 18 years old makes just as much sense as letting everyone in. Even the ‘legitimate’ refugees, are somewhat ‘demanding’. Take for example Syrian, Mahmoud, who in an interview broadcast in December on Swedish Radio, said “I want a house”, bemoaning having to live in an apartment, which he said hampered his chances of finding a girlfriend. the presenter pointed out that the Syrian’s room, paid for by taxpayers “looks like a hotel room”, yet Mahmoud previously from Damascus complained “I had very high hopes of getting my own private house. And then they give me this apartment. It’s like a refugee camp. What is the difference?”. All this while Sweden suffers a housing crisis where many a young Swede would be more than content to be given an apartment in Stockholm. In Germany where more migrants have gone the survey commissioned by the showed two-thirds of Germans saw immigration as an extra burden on the social security system, and as a source of conflict with “native” Germans and a source of trouble in schools. The Americans on the other hand have yet to see this sort issue with migrants, unlike Germany and Sweden.

While I’m not suggesting every refugee is an ISIS plant, you only have to look back in history and see that it only takes a few people to do enormous damage and create chaos.

Back to the problems with politicians and in some cases a little ‘re-branding’ which is still going on. In the case of ’s daughter, it would seem in posters and campaigns they are now dropping the ‘Le Pen’ in favour of just ‘Marine’. While some analysts say she has succeeded in breaking with the party’s fascist, anti-Semitic past and moving it more toward the center after succeeding her father in 2011, this may help to try and ‘distance’ herself from the image of her father even more. Her party, the National Front, has taken a loan from a Russian bank with close ties to the Kremlin. Marine has been criticized for her likeness to Trump with her admiration of . She was asked if like Trump she could be elected on a populist wave, to which her reply (in French) said “what’s populism? If it’s someone who wants to defend government for the people, of the people and by the people, then yes, I’m a populist.”. She has like Trump faced both criticism and popular support for her anti-immigrant policies. She says she’s not against legal immigrants, and she’s not anti-Muslim. Via an interpreter in an interview with Eleanor Beadsley she said “There are two Islams. One is a religion that is perfectly compatible with French values, and practicing Muslims, like Christians and Jews, have never posed a problem. But there is another political, fundamentalist, totalitarian Islam that wants Sharia law over French law, and I will fight it without mercy.”