The politics and ethics what the politicians don’t get

So, we just finished the last election and Mrs May and others are wondering just what happened.

My thoughts on it are simple, we as a people want a government which represents the people and do the right things, an look out for the people and the country.

So, it sounds simple enough, but we have several problems here.  The seem removed from the people, and we have lost faith in most of them because of this.  That the whole expenses row a short while ago is a good example; seem to get away with just about everything.  I work in IT as a contractor and I am subject to IR35, I get taxed on everything, I earn from the contract… If I get a contract away from home, I have to pay for accommodation and travel, ok I can claim some of this back from the taxman but it comes out of what I earn.  A politician on the other hand claims the cost of a house or flat in London in addition to their pay, they claim the cost of furnishing the place, food and drink, and can sell the place at he end of the day and keep what they make, and lets not forget the “flipping”, they use between homes as primary home to gain the tax advantage as they go.

I get a contract, at the end of the contract I have no golden handshake, allowance to close my office and staff, and no hansom government guaranteed pension.

Now, if a politician had to fund their own commute and housing like the rest of us it would perhaps put them more in touch with the populus.

Remember, if you are going to start using phrases like “we’re all in this together”, and carry on as before you’re not going to win many votes.

On the other side of the channel, Emmanuel Macron said “Europe’s younger generation has only experienced austerity” and also uttered the words “When s no longer a mission but a profession, politicians become more self-serving than public servants“.  Just a hint here but if you are looking to win the hearts and minds of the people, you could look towards how he created a party from scratch and then went on to a landslide victory, finally while Mrs May harps on about a “strong and stable government”, President Macron said “the status quo leads to self-destruction“, now who has the ‘stronger’ government and larger popular vote… Macron, so – quod erat demonstrandum Mrs May.

Aristotle wrote “Now each man judges well what he knows, and of these things he is a good judge: on each particular matter then he is a good judge who has been instructed in it, and in a general way the man of general mental cultivation.

Hence the young man is not a fit student of Moral Philosophy, for he has no experience in the actions of life,”

In the same way we have politicians who left school, did a degree, went into politics and stayed there, again no experience of life.

Interestingly most soon forget what life as a student was like, and boy did they pay for that one in the last election, student fees and hardships were picked up by the labour party by Mr Corbin and he ‘rocked’ the vote from the under 25s.

The cost of housing in the UK, is another factor which people worry about, yet politicians seem immune from.  When your not a multi-millionaire like most politicians, and you are trying to get on the housing ladder the prospect of getting your own home is frankly daunting.  When, a party then comes along and starts saying you wont be able to inherit your parent’s house, because they are going to have to sell it to pay for their care, then why act surprised when the general public vote against your ideas.

You might start thinking I’m pro-labour, but I’m not a socialist.  In truth one of the few politicians I would vote for would be Macron, he seems to hit the right notes more often than any other politician alive, he understands the people were and are fed up with the way things have been, he understands the levels of inequality that exit in the UK, and has no wish to transform the French model to that of the USA or UK, he understands that implementing reform in the labor market should not lessen worker rights, but to provide more visibility and more efficiency to investors and employers because that is the key to job creation.

Edmund Burke wrote “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”, so I pose the question of how many of our politicians have read comments by John F. Kennedy, namely when he said “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other“, and understand now that the people want change, the politics of yesteryear and the schoolmarm approach of “do what I say” with no regards to others ideas, especially other MPs ideas who have been voted in, just isn’t go to cut the mustard anymore.

In short we want what the founding fathers of the American politics wanted, when Abraham Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address “Government of the people, by the people, for the people“.  We don’t want some self serving political class just after the power and the money.