Hello World

Well, after over 25 years working in I.T. I guess I have seen and done a lot.  A few times people have given me some really ‘crazy’ ideas and when I said it won’t work, they called me Bitter And Twisted, and not keeping up with the times..  I would prefer ‘seasoned, experienced, realistic’.  Never mind that I may of actually been right.  The biggest/most expensive example of this was a company (I’ll refrain from the name to spare the blushes), when I told them that the SharePoint install was not going to work across multiple countries and the DR site, with documents replicating and doing everything the existing Lotus Notes system did.  Well some £250,000 later, on hardware and software, not to mention the 6 full-time staff, 2 contractors, multiple flights around the world over 18 months on the project, and SharePoint was still only running servers on one site!!  I dare say a few years down the road Sharepoint may well be able to do this, but at the time the technology just wasn’t there.  Oh well…

So what about the  ’66, well I was born in 1966.  The year England last won the football world cup months after it was stolen and then found by a dog called pickles, the year of the last Beatles concert in the UK, and the same year Chris Evans, Gordon Ramsey and Samantha Fox was born.

I started working with computers back in the ’70s with a Altair 8800b at school.  I was lucky the school I went to didn’t have the then ‘standard’ Research Machines 380z or RM 38 ounce as many people called it.  The school expanded the list of computers with donations/gifts and other means to include a Superbrain, Act Sirus1, Apple II europlus, a HP something or other with had a flatbed plotter attached, before finally getting a couple of BBC computers when the government said the schools should have these!  Horrible things in my opinion, how they managed to have 32k ram, but with graphics running only leave 4k for programs, when the Apple II had graphics and still had 48K I don’t know…

After my ‘O’ levels, I had a brief flirtation with press photography and a couple of other jobs, before going to college and learning UNIX, COBOL, Informix doing business computing.  Lucky for me since a few years later I ended up teaching COBOL at a college for BTEC computer studies classes.

So, 25 years on and I’ve done programming, Systems Admin, Support, Networking, Systems Design, Management, Project Management, Ethical Hacking, and Service Delivery.  I’ve run departments/teams from 1 person to 28 spread over 12 countries (not all 12 at the same time).  I’ve worked in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong.

In between working, I’ve done sailing (won the nationals once, became a RYA sailing instructor), had a long-lasting affair with motorcycles from the age of 4 to the recent accident which stopped my riding (I was hit by a London Black cab, and can no longer ride for more than 45 minutes at a time) and learned to Scuba dive (PADI qualified).

After all that, this is only my 3rd personal website over the years, with the first having been in raw HTML, and Java/Javascript, the second being done in Lotus Domino and now this with WordPress running on Linux on a vmware box.


Oops I killed the original page when I was ‘playing’ with the WordPress theme I had installed, so this is a new page… not sure where the old on went, the posts stayed but the two pages I had well???  And Guess what, no back-up….